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The Association would like to acknowledge with thanks, the following information which was provided by Lt. Cdr. P.T. Purser of the Indefatigable School in Anglesey and Hon. Secretary of the Indefatigable Old Boys Association.


The ship's Crest of `Indefatigable' was adopted from the Coat of Arms of Admiral Sir Edward Pellew, who commanded the first Indefatigable during the Napoleonic wars.  He earned his title after the destruction of the French Ship-of-the Line "Droits de L'Homme" in 1797.

His Motto was also adopted -  It is two words -

Deo Adjuvante -

"With God's Help " or "God Being my Helper"


The official description of the badge is :-

" Through a wreath Laurel proper, a Lion penant gardant gold "


There is an interesting footnote

The Battlecruiser `Indefatigable' (sunk at the battle of Jutland in 1916) had an unofficial Crest            showing a bumble bee with a frigate on its back - the Motto "Bee up and Doynge" ! !                            (Lt Cdr Purser thinks that she must have been Guzz manned !)



The school (now closed) at Llanfairpwll in Anglesey took the name from the frigate  Indefatigable  which was sold by the Admiralty in order to start a training ship in the Mersey in 1864


Sir Edward Pellew

A  fairly detailed history of the life and times of Sir Edward Pellew is available by Email from

It is about 7 pages long !

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