The EIF/BPF and KGV Reunion
will be held at the Britannia Hotel Coventry
on 7th - 9th September 2013

Details from John Grossett on 01943 600 588
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Sad News

HMS Indefatigable shipmate W G 'Bill' Briggs The creator of this web site
sadly passed away on Friday 7th June 2013.
He was greatly missed by his wife of 66 years, Ann, until her death on the 6th April 2014. 


Their eldest son Terry will take over the running of the Indef and St George's web sites.

Please note the contact email has changed,

although I will check Bill's email.


George Henry Francis Eaves, known to all 'Frank' passed away aged 97 on 2nd December 2020 at The Grove Care home, Winterbourne, Gloucestershire.

Frank Eaves served on HMS Indefatigable as part of the British Pacific Fleet. He served with the ship throughout the Pacific campaign until it returned home to the UK in 1946.

He continued his trade as a baker and married his wife Margaret in 1950.

He worked for Gloucestershire County Council until his retirement. Suffering from dementia for several years he was joined in the care home by his wife.

They both became victims of coronavirus and died within a week of each other. They are buried together in Westerleigh Cemetery, Bristol. 


HMS Indefatigable shipmate A.G. 'Bert' Arnell of 820 Squadron
sadly passed away on Saturday 6th April 2013.
He will be missed



Calling ex Shipmates



If you are looking to contact friends or relatives from the forces why not try

Wanted (Please)

The names of those shipmates who were injured when the ship was hit by a Japanese kamikaze aircraft at 0728 on April 1st 1945 and any other relevant information would be much appreciated.

DID or DO You Know ? ?

CPO Thomas Elder  d. 1985  contact

Frank Stone                            contact  Andy Stone <>

Norman Victor Castle

Sub-Lieut (A) (O) RNVR

Norman was an Observer in the Fleet Air Arm and served in 1770 Squadron during WW2 on board Indefatigable.
Norman died in 1976  and now his grandson would like to know more about his Grandfather - what he actually
did and where did he go, etc. If anyone knew of Norman and his exploits, his son Robert (Bob), (now aged 71)  would be most
grateful if you would please contact him at



Peter McPhail

Peter's son, Peter (after his father) would like to contact anyone that may have known his father, who was an Air Mechanic (E)
Peter's father recently died and he would like to confirm in which aircraft carrier (Indefatigable or Illustrious) his father served.
Peter Snr played trumpet in the ship's band and was also in the football team.

Please contact Peter at   if you can help.


CPO (P) William Daniel

William served as a pilot in 887 Squadron in the ship from 1944 to 1945.
With  S/Lt C. Miseldine, a fellow pilot in the Seafire squadron, William shot down a Japanese VAL dive bomber on the 4th May 1945.

William's grandson Adrian would be pleased to hear from anyone that knew  his grandfather, or has any information
or pictures of his grandfather or the squadron.  Adrian would also be interested in contacting anyone that would be interested in
copies of the contents of his grandfather's flying log books.

Please contact Adrian at


Alec Brennan FX560384

Alec served in HMS Indefatigable from June 22nd 1945 to 8th January 1946.
Alec served in the Fleet Air Arm, possibly as a Aircraft Mechanic and was known as one of the "Terrible Twins".

His Grandson Alex would be pleased to get in touch with anyone that knew - or knew of - his grandfather.

Please contact Alex at


John Geoffrey Faulkner DSM
OA2  P/MX 51368

John served in HMS indefatigable during WW2
and his award of the DSM was announced in the London Gazette dated 1st January 1946

Chris Bilham would like to hear from anyone who knew John or has a photograph of him
(whether individually or as part of a group)

Please contact Chris at


Kenneth Yates JX 630921

Kenneth served in Indefatigable from November 1944 to March 1947

He came from Prescot, Lancs. and joined as a Able Seaman and qualified as a Seaman Torpedoman.
Kenneth died in 1988 and was not a member of the HMS Indefatigable Association.

His son, Anthony Yates would like anyone who knew, or knew of his father, to contact him .

Colin Firth

Colin  served in Indefatigable during WW2
possibly 1944-1946.

Hewas in the ship when the Kamikaze plane hit the ship 1/4/1945 and it is believed that his
job onboard was something to do with locating enemy targets.

His son, Chris Firth would like anyone who knew, or knew of his father, to contact him .


Ronald Victor Adams

Ronald Adams served in HMS Indefatigable during the war. His daughter-in-law, Sue Adams thinks that he was a Signalman and it would make Ronald's day if he was to hear from any of his old friends that served with him. He also served in destroyers;  names mentioned are Wild Goose, Starling and Fencer.
Ronald lives in New Zealand now.
If you can help Sue, or wish to contact Ronald, please contact Sue at:

John Edward Fennell

John's Granddaughter is looking for information about HMS Indefatigable and her grandfather who served in the ship between 1943 and 1946. He was looking for information himself but sadly passed away on Dec. 24th 2003. He served as a Gunner. Amy is also looking for people who knew him during his Royal Marine days or may have any information about him. Please contact:-

Surgeon Lieutenant Alan M. Vaughan RCNVR

Alan Vaughan was one of those killed in the kamikaze attack on HMS Indefatigable on the 1st April 1945.

Alan Manchee and Kimithy Vaughan (nephew and Niece) would be very interested in any recollections of Alan that any surviving ship mates may have.

Please contact either at


Charles Benjamin Brewer

Charles served in the Royal Marines in Indefatigable during WW2
His son, John would like anyone who knew, or knew of his father, to contact him .

As a landlubber he would also appreciate any information about Royal Marine duties on board a aircraft carrier !



George William

George was a Cinema Operator when serving in Indefatigable during WW2.  George died in 1994 and his widow and son would would appreciate hearing from anyone that knew him.

They would also like to find the Best Man at George's wedding - Dennis Hope

Note - Since this Ad' was first placed, George's son Ron has been in touch with two of George's ex shipmates! - now to find Dennis !   1/9/03



Harry C. Anderson

Harry (Andy) served in the Indefatigable with 894 Squadron during WW2 until the ship paid off at Portsmouth. If you knew Andy or served in the ship at the same time as he did and would like to correspond with him - he would be pleased if you would contact him at :

Hugh Meredith Jones or Kenneth Mace

Kenneth McCallion (Kenny) is trying to trace anyone that knew his grandfather, Hugh (Taffy) Jones who served in the ship during WW2. Hugh at one time was a CPO, but may not have been while serving in the ship. As you can guess from his name, he came from Bedwas in South Wales, met his wife in Greenock and moved to Scotland, where he died in 1955. Kenny is also wanting information about his uncle, Kenneth Mace, who came from East Anglia and also served in the ship.  Any information at all and photographs of either would be much appreciated by Kenny at


George Francis

Pete Stevens is trying to trace his family history.  He has a photograph of one of his father's two step-brothers, George Francis on HMS Indefatigable wearing a white uniform.  Any information at all about George would be much appreciated by Pete at  


Denis Reakes

Denis served in the ship during WW2 and worked as an aircraft engineer or mechanic, possibly with 887 Squadron.
His 79th birthday is coming up and his granddaughter Zoe, would like to `Make his Day`.  If anyone knew Denis  or has a photograph showing squadron personel, will you please contact Zoe at


Reg Agambar

Reg served in 1770 Sqdn and was in the ship from 17.4.1944 to 22.6.1945.  Sadly Reg died in April 1995.  His son Reg Agambar has all of his late father's war records and some photos and drawings.  His best mate was Charlie Stout who also served in the ship and they stayed friends until Reg died.
His son still exchanges Christmas cards with Charlie.

Reg would be very grateful for any information about his late father - or Charlie Stout. 
Please Contact Reg at



Gordon Leonard Hillier

Born 8.2.23, Gordon was a CPO and left the Fleet Air Arm in 1952 (?) He was in 820 Sqdn on board Indefatigable in the Pacific and during the kamikaze attack. His daughter, Anne Richards (nee Hillier) is creating a album of her father's photographs which include some of him with a few of his friends on board at the time.
Ann would like anyone who served with her late father to get in touch with her.

(See Memories)



Ron Taplin

Ron Taplin, who was a Dubliner served on the ship during WW2.  When he died his son Ian discovered a photo album with pictures of when the ship was in Australia.   Ian would love to hear from anyone that know his father.

(See Memories)


Arthur Boor

Arthur was a Leading Steward in Indefatigable between December 1943 and 1946.  He is in his 77th year and in quite good health.
His daughter Judy Carter would appreciate hearing from anyone that knew her father


Leslie Luke

Leslie was a CPO in Indefatigable during the BPF days.
He is now 83 years old. If you knew Leslie or knew of him, please get in touch with his son, Brian Luke. (Durham UK)


Stanley Oakley

Stanley served in the ship during WW2
Any information about Stanley or info about the ship would be appreciated by Nick Lovett


Leslie (Shiner) Wright         

Leslie   FX 749113 (Air Frames) served in the ship during the 1940's. If anyone remembers him, please contact his daughter Janet .


Fredrick John Sanger

Fredrick served in the ship during WW2.  He is poorly at present and granddaughter, Iola, would like to 'Make his Day'  by passing on any information about the ship or photographs that she could talk to him about.  When she was younger he rarely spoke about his time on the ship but now mentions it more frequently.

Please contact Iola at:


Walter Kemp

Walter served in the ship during WW2 and was an Able Seaman. Walter sadly died in 1951 (aged 41).   His daughter, Kay, has a photograph of him in uniform which subsequently appeared in the magazine "Tit Bits" in 1955.  Anyone who knew Walter (FX 589599) or may have heard his name please contact his daughter at:

(See Memories)


Ken Emmington

Ken served in the ship during WW2 and was a gunner on Pom Poms. He sadly died in 1985.   If you knew Ken his son Barry would like to hear from you.


Arthur Edward Baker


Arthur Baker was a Sick Bay Attendent, serving in the ship from 1943 to 1946.  He is now 81 years old.  He is in the photograph of the Ship's Medics printed in the 2-2001 edition of the Indefatigable Newsletter. Arthur's son David would like anyone that knew his to contact him at


L/Sto. W. Church

Ex Shipmate Peter Osgood (from Dundee) used to have runs ashore from Portsmouth to Brighton in 1946 with L/Stoker Church.   Any information please to


Neville Butterworth ?

Neville came from Cheadle in Manchester in the ship from the end of 1951 to the summer of 1953.  (he was reputed to be a good boxer)

His son, Adam would love to hear from anyone that remembers Neville



Walter Miller ?

Born in Glasgow - served in the ship during the Pacific campaign
(believed to have disembarked in Australia in 1946)



'Ali' Barber

 Michael (Jan) Kiff served in the ship as a Stoker in 1953/54. He  would like to meet up with his `Oppo` of those days. If you can help Jan get in touch with Ali please get contact him at


David Wilkinson
 C/JX 406320


David Joined HMS Indefatigable in Sydney on 9 June 1945 and left on 8 Jan 1946
If you knew David, his son, David Jr. would like to hear from you at


Graham Lomas

Born 12 April 1931      Served in the ship about late 1949 to about 1953. Understand that he may have been a Cook

Any information would be appreciated by Graham's daughter Suzanna Price at


   William Henry Madden

     Served in the ship in the Far East during WW2
He may have been a CPO or PO
(Retired as a Lieutenant)

Any information about his late father would be appreciated by his son Peter at


POSM Colin Akitt

Colin served in the ship from
13.06.1951 to 26.10.1953

His son Gordon would like any one who knew  his father to contact him.


Stoker Mechanic
Harold Girling ?


Harold Joined the ship in April 1946 and was the partner of Carl Burnett's Mother.
Carl Burnett would like to know if anybody remembers Harold.

If you do, Carl can be contacted at


Ivor Powell
 (aka 'Jim' Powell)


Garry Powell is trying to obtain info about his grandfather's naval service history. He served in H.M.Ships Indefatigable, Illustrious and Formidable and was present at the Japanese surrender in 1945.  He was possibly an electrician working on aircraft.

If you have any information please contact Gary at


Charles Dyer

Charles Dyer now living in the USA served in the ship during WW2.  If you knew Charles, his son says that his father would be excited to receive a email from you


Leslie Adams


Leslie served in a aircraft carrier in the China Sea in 1945
He was a Cook

Any information would be appreciated by Leslie's son Jeff at


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