How the reunions Started

Early in June 1989, Jack Mulligan, ex-St. George 1939 entry and subsequent Yeoman of Signals, wrote to the Sunday Express in search of any surviving class mates from Grenville 204.  Although not of the ilk, Tom Robson (being Anson 215) sent a letter to the Editor of the Sunday Express, asking him to forward same to Jack.  The two ex-St. George lads corresponded regularly with increasing hopes of   raising sufficient interest for a successful reunion.  Jack Mulligan received something like 300 letters eventually, and he set up one of his own bedrooms as an 'office' to deal with the welter of correspondence.  The Navy News carried more information as the plans took shape and responses accounted for many of the letters, all of which Jack answered in person.

Eventually he was able to hand over final arrangements to the R.N.A. at Douglas and to the Isle of Man Tourist Board.  They arranged hotels and organised a package tour, furnishing all ex-St. George Boys who had applied, with up-to-date arrangements.  Although there was a last-minute flap requiring a slight date adjustment of a day or two, everything went wonderfully well, but it was Jack Mulligan who showed the initial enterprise in getting this marvellous reunion off the ground.

(The above is an edited extract from Tom Robson's book Boy Seaman R.N.) 

Since that time many of us ex-St. George Boys and our wives, relations and friends have enjoyed attending the subsequent reunions - so Thank You Jack and Tom !

A word of thanks is also due to Bert Love - ex Boy Tel.  H.M.S. St. George (1941-2) for writing such a interesting souvenir report on the 1990 reunion and the experiences of those that passed through training at Douglas, (the printing of which was financed by ex-Boy Seaman Lionel Roe, H.M.S. St. George 1945).


April 1990 - Isle of Man


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April 1991 - Isle of Man


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June 1992 - Hayling Island


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May 1993 - Isle of Man

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21st June 2001 - Dedication Service,  Blessing of the Plot and the planting of an Oak Tree at the National Arboretum, Alrewas Staffordshire

Our thanks go to Brian Trew who has spent some 1740 days of his life to achieve his ambition that this tree and the memorial plaque be dedicated to all who served and were trained in H.M.S. St. George . Also thanks to those who have supported Brian financially and in other ways.


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              (back) L.Norcross, J. Evans, R. Ramson, W. Briggs, (centre) J. Sanford,                       (front) A. Mackenzie, B. Trew


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B. Trew, L. Norcross, J. Sanford, A. Mackenzie, R. Ramson, Cdr. D. Childs